Monday, June 18, 2012

Enough, bye for now DEARLY !

Pardon the grammar, this is a-must-posting

Honestly, I feel very reluctant to write this post. But I have to, so it is.

Remember last weekend, in the last post I write a lot about mr back ? Tadaa, and the day after I received a news about him. And turns out the following days had been revolving around him.
Last saturday, last week. I did not know at all, but I felt like blogging about him, blabbing. I did not know why suddenly I miss him so much. After I finished writing it, I mentioned mama Ria on twitter.
Last sunday, okay I heard the news. That was an "uh woooow last nite I've just blogging about him" moment.
Last monday, I started again my routinity in the middle of this holiday. Met some peeps. And the rest are guess-able like "ayok nai" and something like that.
Well later in the night, I dreamed about him. Twice. Yeah, it's even twice. First one, I dreamed that we were happenned to be in a class, with other campus friends. He wore navy blue suit *oh how I always love man in suit*. Like usually, he looked good in suit. And then it was like the class is over and there were me and some other friends still in the class. I assumed that he has already left the class too. Then the friends started to make some "ciee ciee" to me. Turns out he was behind me, still at the class, and he was like "wth ???" Not just him, but also me. I turned "wth" also because of his "wth" And it went awkward after that.
Then I woke up from the dream and I was like "daaaaaaamn mr back how I want to meet you so much :(((" and I started imagining about him. It was 3am in the morning, I decided turn on the tv to check the score of England match then I turned off the tv because the match was already over :))
Then in the second dream, the class was having plan to go outing together, I was unable to go because of the period cramp. But I sort of able to see what happenned there. Mr back was chatting with dhitami, aaaaaand here's the climax. He was like saying "ah if only Naila's here" what he mean is that me can have that oportunity to have a chat like that with him. Yeah, big and long aaaargh -___-
Last tuesday. Another day at campus, another guesthosting then me and my troops go to balairung to attend the "welcoming maba" event. No wonder my mind was revolving, thinking about him all day long. I told close friends about that dream. I met zinia, she even reminded me about that UI fest moment that I didn't even remember so far. -_-
Last wednesday. everything I see, I hear, I touch. Reminds me of him. It was a sunny yet breeze lazy day at campus, I suddenly overheard my neighbour "send my greetings to mr back yaaa" *damn*
While killing time, I opened a book belongs to somebody out there. There was a paper in the book. It was about his activity last year *damn no 2*
Then I've got nothing to do anymore at campus, but I don't feel like go home directly. I opened some books of wizard, then I found one-most-powerful-quote-that-is-very-jleb-to-my-2012-life-and-all-of-my-self-issues. Guess from whom that quote comes ? him. :)))) *tons of hmmpft smile* *damn no 3*
Not to mention all day long I was missing him so much, thinking 101 way to meet him without uhmmmm. Okay.
Last Thursday *okay I'm getting lazy* It was a great and long day. Spent the morning swimming with my little cousin and spent the afternoon-evening with mama Ria and Daus. I made a visit to Rawamangun from Depok. While I was in car with Ria, there was no doubt that he's our headline during the ride from depok to rawamangun. How I told Ria how this week has been very revolving around him, how I told her everything a-z about him, how ria told me some valuable information, how she told me those another deaaaarly side that half of it I also already knew, and how later in the evening, I suddenly sang a song from his favorite band with ria who also played the piano. That moment, why should ria suddenly offer me to sing old songs that comes from his favorite band ? See, how my weeks has been really about him.
Yesterday, saturday, There was something that made me very panic in twitter. I spread the panic to ria and zinia. It was exhausting...
the panic, very exhausting
Then I asked Zinia, how could this be soooo special to me. Here's her answer "mungkin ketika kamu suka dia, kamu merasakan kebahagiaan yang luar biasa, sehingga kamu sulit untuk melupakan nail :O the power of memory. Kamu ga mau nail move on dari punggung."
exhausting ya...
Until this idea popped in my mind, Moving On.

Yeah, I was just made some kind of press conference :p I bbm-ed my closest friends, an hour ago. I said "Guys, my beloved friends. I've decided to get it over, let it go. Kalo dikemudian hari gw 'kumat' ngungkit2 ttg #punggung, langsung tegur aja ya :) kali ini doakan sukses move on yaa, Mmuah (tag : Zinia, Diandra, Stephen, Dhitami, kak Sasha, Victoria, Ganiss, Atikah)

OKAY. That's my statement. Dengan adanya postingan ini, diharapkan kedepannya makin bulat tekad untuk konsisten. Oke mungkin memang sulit. Oke saya juga tidak berjanji setelah mengklik "publikasikan" postingan ini, saya nggak cek timelinenya di twitter, ataupun coba menelusuri dia via social networking lainnya.

Okay... ttyl. Nitey nite everyone.

(review after re-reading my own post : how my world looks soooo apa ya, terkesan sempit gara-gara topik ini saja. Dunianya seputar ngomongin cowok doang untuk tipikal cewek berusia 20 tahun, mahasiswi baru selesai semester 4, dengan beberapa mimpi, minat dan aktivitas lainnya)

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