Monday, July 16, 2012

Marathon blogging... Starts NOW

Gosh, there's too many big stories I have to tell here. Suddenly, Luckily, I got some big things and I found some happiness in this month of July. To begin it, let me point it all one by one before I tell more  details about each things in specific post :

1. Mas Rian, my oldest cousin, is already married. Attending his wedding with the whole Aceh family means = short yet fascinating vacay for me. This was such a great Java trip and it was followed by another one great day spent in Puncak.
2. I'm getting more and more, let me say this, experienced in make up thingy. I got the chance to explore this on the wedding.
3. A visit from Universiti Malaya to my campus went well, surprisingly it brought some kind of happiness to all of my team. Eventho the preparation was kinda pain in the ass, I must say.
4. This is the biggest one. Last friday, I got a call from British Council, informing that eventho I was not selected at first for the Young Game Changer Indonesia Program, I finally got accepted in that program, to fill in the position that somebody left. Thisss, so far has successfully bring me some motivations back. I'll tell you the details, great experience I got until now.

Then, what amazed me, is that all this things happened less in two weeks. In two weeks, everything in my life is getting so dynamic. I suddenly feel this, feel that, experience this and that, gain this, get that, and so on. Allah is very kind, these all things are such blessings. I should be more and more grateful.

So, this is the prologue
stories starts..... NOW ;)

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