Sunday, July 29, 2012

what are you really-really searching for ?

Actually, I don't know how to make it short, make it simple, what to explain in the beginning, what to add in the conclusion. One thing for sure, this thing has to be posted here.

So, I had just had a bukber with my college fellas. Tere, Aul, Anty, Pungky, Acit. In short, this self proclaimed "a retired and careless gossip hunter" me suddenly got some 'supplies' from one of these friends. I didn't ask for any gossips but it magnetically came to me again and again. Oke, sedikit pongah.
At first I took it with enthusiasm (what ? the most eww word at the moment), I explained to them every single one related to this gossip supplies so that they could know better. But these thing, keeps running in my mind, while . It ranked on the top of my mind, above those all another fact we were talked about.

I have found that actually some things are way too overrated. I lately recently questioned about people.
About their preferences towards things they would love to do. About their choice. About the things they do everyday. About the things they do every, single, minute even if the sky is already dark
For some people, I'm kinda able to figure out, to trace their reasoning and it fully makes sense.
But for some other people, I can't stop thinking yang intinya ini
What are you really running for ?
Seperti gaya ceplas ceplos Ligwina Hananto saat bertanya "TUJUAN LO APA ?"
Disini saya bertanya "YANG LO KEJAR APA ?"
Don't you all realize that there are another things in life we can be grateful of and taken care of ?
Dan sisi rasional saya pun menegur "kembali ke pilihan orang masing-masing". And we have to respect it :) okesip.Cuma ya itu, sering tergelitik dengan penuh heran.

Well, if anybody of you happens to read this, just don't take it too serious please :). Otak dan hati saya hanya tergelitik sehingga tidak bisa menolak untuk kembali menoleh sedikit dan makin tergelitik dan penasaran karenanya. Everything's hopefully fine, Aamin Ya Allah.
Sebagai klimaks dari post ini, izinkan saya mengucapkan beberapa kata selamat

Selamat bermain aktor, main yang bagus ya !
Selamat berjuang kru, kasih reasoning buat penonton ngerti ya !
Selamat menikmati pertunjukan, kids ! semoga terhibur ya :)

I've been there, in that position. And yes, it was a nice game to be witnessed.

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