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Crazy in the morning, Happy in the evening : A commuting story of a suburbian

This post will show you how rude it is the commuting between Jakarta and its Greater Area (Depok, Bogor, Bintaro, dll). I take example from my experience yesterday.

I got an appointment related to GameChangerID to meet mbak Rika from The Body Shop on Monday, 10 o clock. I was in Depok the way before. Knowing that I had to be in their office in Bintaro that early, I already planned to at least wake up and get prepared by 5 am in the morning.

Wait, a meeting at 10 o clock, prepared everything by 5 am. Isn't it too early ? Told ya, I was in Depok  that Sunday. So on Monday I have to commute as early as I can. Sounds bit more make sense ?
Here, I present you the fact :

05.00-05.30 I managed to wake up at this hour
05.30-06.20 I took a bath and got prepared
06.25          I was ready and already at my auntie's house. Because I have to nebeng to the nearest station
06.35           We departed from the house
07.10           I arrived at stasiun UI, dropped by om Arief. Anyhow, I used to think that taking the train from stasiun Depok Baru would be much nicer because the people wouldn't have been that crowded

Before I go to the next session. Here's some facts you should know. At that time. I carry two big bags. A Jansport with a heavy laptop inside. Another one is my usual bag, with a lot of belongings inside it. Another facts. You have to know how crrrrrrooooowded it is the train from depok every weekdays morning. All of Depokers are usually going to their offices in Jakarta. So, yeah just imagine the intolerable crowds. OH, one more thing. It was the first Monday after the Lebaran Holiday. When aaaaall of the people are back to work.

07.20     Whoaaa my train's already coming ! Happy, of course I was. Anxiouus ? yes, I imagined the crowd. By the time the train stopped in front of me, I was startled. THAT CROWDED. Need an extra effort just to go inside dan desek-desekin penumpang lain biar mundur so we can at least got a little space to stand in. Then I tried, with those big bags I attempted to get into the train. It was hard. Then I just nyerah :)) I decided to get into the next train, at least I would stop at Manggarai.

07.30    The train cooome. As crowded as before. But I gave my best effort. Voila ! I was in :) How was the condition ? Ugh don't ask. Now I know why a lot people use the word "kayak ikan sarden" when describing how bad it is desek-desekan in the train every morning.

08.00    Arrived at manggarai in peron 3, then I moved to peron 5 waiting for next train to Tn Abang which would come in 10 mins. Then I saw keramaian di peron 2, a lot of mba-mba with working suits.  And suddenly people in peron 5 are moving to that peron 2. Curious, I asked the petugas then he said bakal ada kereta dateng ke peron 2. I went to that peron, the train came a minute after, KOSONG. And off course, I succesfully got a seat 0:)

08.30   Arrived at Tanah Abang. Unfortunately, my Commuter Line to Bintaro-Serpong had just gone right after my train arrived there. Sial, ini gara-gara ngetem. Crrrrraaaazy. So I have to wait. Remember, I was ready since 06.30 and 2 hours after that I was still in Tanah  abang. Grrrrr. Kereta ke Bintaro di peron 6, sedangkan kereta gw di peron 5. So kereta gw had to wait kereta bintaro to go before kereta gw arrived at tanah abang. However, 10 min after that, there was krl ekonomi to Serpong, sepi, yasudahlah kunaiki saja.

09.10    Arrived at Pondok Ranji, catched the Ojek
09.15    Arrived at home, got myself prepared the TBS meeting
09.20    Panasin mobil, siapin barang-barang keperluan
09.30    Berangkat ke kantor TBS di sektor 9
09.40    Arrived, met the team at the lobby, opened the laptop, then we were busy preparing the PPT
10.00 lebih The meeting STARTS !

And it went good, alhamdulillah, with so many insights. The people from TBS itself seemed quite satisfied with our work, we did our 'homeworks' at least.

All the preparation from 05.30 in the morning, all the commuting plan I had in my mind from the day before, all the desek-desekan, all the ketinggalan kereta... are paid off :)

So the conclusion if, If you are about to commuting in Jabodetabek, you had a meeting etc. Make sure you plan everything in detail. Mind the traffic jam, mind the traffic in your area, mind some bottleneck area in which you have to stuck at for some minutes, mind the minutes you probably gonna spend looking for parkings, mind the minutes you have to spend to move from stations to shelters, mind the train/busses schedule, and don't forget mind and calculate your own preparation time ! Good luck, Jakartans ! Bintaroers ! Depokers ! Bekasians ! Tangerangers ! BSDers ! And another Satellite City-ers !

***Actually I was about to share the stories about what happenned after the TBS meeting. It was a nice first-MONday-after-the-lebaran-holiday. Like "there comes a rainbow after the hurricane". The rest of the day was fun. Tell ya in next post yaa hopefully :*

Thanks for reading !

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