Saturday, August 4, 2012

Juicy July in pictures

(Written in Thursday) I've got no specific topic to be blogged about but am on the mood for blogging. But at this time I actually really-really have to work my ass of for the GameChangerID challenge. I have to accomplish some of my task this week. So, how about posting picture about last month, July ? Best month in this year, so far :) I turns out to be very essitedd to share about this month, just like those celebrities get very excited telling their personal stories in infotainment, pardon yee :p Anyway, happy August everyone !

Us with the bride

gathering moments between beloved grandpa and grandchildren

my eye makeup for the wedding. Hasil belajar otodidak (Y)

with @GamechangerID The Body Shop B team

Took a picture after that coaching session in Mandarin Oriental. Hopefully jadi 'penanda' dan kenang2an first steps in reaching the future 0:) Story here

bonding time with my krucils (my acehnese lil cousins) yang baru pindah ke jakarta :)

me inside the "go green-ish"office of The Body Shop. Look, the photo is lack of lighting---> mereka matiin lampu kalo siang hari :)

me with Tante Mona @ D'joglos restaurant, Purwokerta

@D'joglos restaurant

guesthosting the visit from Univ Malaya, Malaysia. Great time we had together, for both uni :p

with these smart, funny, lovable cousins from Aceh

NAH, finally tried it. Clairmont. Biasa aja I have to say

memberanikan diri start making make-up journey journal in this blog

Thankyou July, Thanks Ya Allah, Alhamdulillahirabbilaalamin o:)

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