Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Recent Things and Thoughts

-A group, no matter how result oriented the group is ( the group, not the personnel ya), a little process/team oriented touch is still needed. NOT just needed, it is an important aspects

-My friend told me last week, that there's syndrome named "20-year-old" syndrome. It's a part of psikologi sosial. NAH NAH NAH THIS THIS THIS. Everyone under 20 who happens to read this post, Do google that.

- I found out that I'm not a freelancer type. I'm not good doing works from home. It's simply sucks. When you're at home, you're at home. Better be not working. I'm on my mood when I'm at campus/workplace. The idea of fixed worktime sounds more suitable for me. Okay, 8-4, 9-5, but you're doing your best best best effort during it.

- I swear I don't want to work in marketing field no matter how the half of my campus' student consider and hail it as a fancy industry. I hate it. The marketing research part, looking for actual marketing datas, surveys. Urgh, it may sounds wow for most people, but sorry.

- From doing domestic works, I got this idea that good management is very important in doing everything. I am now doing those dishwashing, cooking, washing, in an manageable way.

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