Saturday, September 1, 2012


So, I'm gonna be looked so freakish after I'm writing this. But no problemo, since I'm a fan :p

HAPPY 10th Wedding anniversary to my favorite celebrity couple in the world !!!
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar

who gets married on September 1st 2002, which is my favorite year
who keeps their marriage under the spotlights
who starred the Scooby Doo movie together as Fred and Daphne
Salah dua dari muka-muka publik figur yang menghiasi masa-sd-generasi-mtv gw
Pasangan yang serasi sekali

Here's a fan from far away Indonesia, who always follow your stories since 10 years ago, wish you a more more happiness in the marriage. Hopefully your new upcoming bundle of joy will muliply the happpiness off course ! Hope Charlotte will grow as a role model for another celebrity babies. I wish that the world will never hear the word "divorce/split/or something" from both of you. I, we (with your loyal admirer all over the world" surely wish that your marriage will be lasts ! :)

And one more deh

Happy 10th birthday to Romeo Beckham ! Yang tanggal lahirnya sama persis dengan weddingnya pasangan diatas, 1 September 2002.
Entah iya atau engga, semacam ingat pas di tanggal ini denger berita ini pun samaan waktunya. Kalo engga deketan lah. Oh atau engga ? semacam ingat juga kalo Freddie Sarah release bahwa mrk udh married itu beberapa saat setelahnya. Oh well, time flies :') It was a great year back then, 2002 :')

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