Monday, December 31, 2012

pfiuuuh 2012 and oh Hey 2013

Right now, the last day of 2012. I'm sitting in front of my laptop, printing some materials for taxation 2 final exam, just in order to give some feeling of secure. My twitter timeline has been noisy with people remembering their moments in this 2012 and spreading their wishes in front of public, about the upcoming 2013. Needless to say that a moment like this really urges me to, finally, writing this kind of post.
A post that I've been wondering since the beginning of the year. :) I wondered how will I recall things, smoothly translate unpleasant things into nicer words, disclose personal silly moments and satisfaction with a more mind tricking or humble vocabularies. How I will disclose my gratitude or anger or happiness or curse about this year.

So this is it.

I choose, not to talk that much about this year. Well okay, I understand myself better. It's a tiring year eventho I didn't make any resolutions for 2012 back then.
The point is

A holiday. A vacation. A vacation I've been dreaming since 9 months ago, HA ! A little break.

Well. If I decided switch this post into a wiser-mode, I'd probably say, wholeheartedly :
At least I DID something
I execute something
I'm the DO-er
 :) :) :)

after years of being a watcher, sitting, watching, wishing. I'm not just watching people doing, trying, experiencing things
I even realize this just lately. Alhamdulillah

How about 2013 ? Well I find it's kinda stuffy seeing your friends sharing their resolutions (from a serious one, into a laughable one), because... saya kan orangnya strategist bukan taktis :p Semacam takut aja kalo asal sebut "ah resolusi gue ini itu ah" eh taunya enggak executable lah, terlalu unattainable, dan yang paling penting, nggak in line sama tujuan strategis diri. Emang saya anaknya gitu kan *hemmm planner -_-* harus dipikirin baik-baik tiap resolusi yang ada di kepala. Terlalu general gak ya, maintainable gak ya, sejalan gak timelinenya sama hal-hal strategis yang lain. Hahahahaa, well oh me :')

Ada lagi fakta bahwa, pernah saya tulis di post-post sebelumnya, I target too much, dream way too much (which is actually still good), plan too much. I choose to stick with those dreams and target, and insyaAllah I want to execute more :) yaa seperti tahun 2012 ini lah. Oke itu untuk yang strategis.
Untuk hal-hal yang lebih perintilan yang tujuannya untuk spice up my life even more, tema besar saya tahun 2013 ini simpel aja sih : NEW THINGS. Entah baca novel fiksi fantasi, entah daring myself to wear fuschia lip, entah nonton bioskop at least sebulan sekali, entah makin rajin pampering my self, Anything.

Jadii, on a serious note, mari catat segala macam target-target ini, dalam hati saja :) seraya menempelkan resolusi ini cukup di dinding kamar sehingga bisa dilihat dan memotivasi tiap bangun pagi, dan seraya berkata... Alhamdulillah Ya Allah untuk 2012 dan Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim untuk 2013 0:)

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