Sunday, December 9, 2012

stop it, me

This week has been very superb
It was a sudden heart attack "semi-literally-metaphorically" (is the metaphorically word even exist) moment. Hahaha
And at the end of this week. Lemme tell you. I have tons of things to catch, but now I'm doing my so called activity : stalking. Period.

There are some selftalk moments
"ah where have you been, rrrrrr"
"ah if only you could use tons of those opportunities back then, Nai"
"ah If only you could allocate your concentration to other things than this 'mr. back' "
last but not least
"if only Anda tidak mengalami tiga kali momen-perubahan-passion dalam dua tahun ini. If only Anda sadar akan ketiga hal tersebut dari awal menginjakkan kaki di kampus ini. Your nice life would be even nicer maybe, Nai" :')

But then again, nothing to regret about :)
Saya mencoba untuk selalu percaya bahwa segala sesuatunya datang pada waktu yang tepat, tidak terlalu cepat atau terlalu lambat.


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! :)


CNF said...

You're my girl, mamaria <3