Thursday, January 3, 2013


I begin this year, by having 5 big difficult consecutive final exams. Today is the second day of this full of new-hope-free-spirited year, and I already got fainted. A quirk yet pleasant way to begin the year. In short, I started to question the universe " are you conspiring something ?" after I met with some kind of person of interest ACCIDENTALLY for the thousand times (in his standard) since last couple of weeks. Yea, another pieces of last year I haven't spilled, yang intinya "what you paid is what you got" yang sebenarnya, mendasari postingan-postingan berbau NPV NPV itu. Really, what you paid (pake pikiran, tenaga, air mata) is really what you got (new  hopes, new motivation, new motivators).
Speaking of what you paid is what you got, mari kembali belajar SIA. Ya jangan harap hasil yang menyenangkan kalo proses belajarnya yang memang menjemukkan ini aja tiap menit terdistract sama bb, twitter, dan curcol di posting ini 0:)

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