Friday, March 1, 2013

21 yrs old

Well, It's been 5 years since the first time I decided to blog. On my 16th birthday, I established this blog :D

Today is actually my 21st birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME AND BLOG !!!

5 years has passed, this blog has been such a silent witness of things that I've been thru, ups and downs. This blog capture those moments when I was still that naive and anak-sma-labil. This blog might be implicitly record all transformation that I've been through. On this blog, I stated a lot about some dreams, and some of it has became reality :)

Well, how about me ?
I had just deactivated my twitter account due to unending virus attacks. Well, that's not the only reason. As a person who considered herself as socmed-addict-of-last-decade who made twitter and fb account earlier than the entire society, now I started to feel bored with the idea of sharing everything in an active mass social media. Besides, my life turns out to be more productive and peaceful by not opening twitter. I don't have the urge to refresh my timeline extensively checking for some funny/informative/chitchatty/entertaining tweets everytime I feel bored with my assignments. Well, I'm not gonna quit it like forever, I'm actually thinking about a new account. In order to get daily dose of important academic information from @birpendfeui, or some news from E! or USmagazine, or some career info from numerous accounts of reputable companies, and of course to get in touvh with friends, especially those long losts.
Learning to be grateful of everything is also my theme for this current period. Like seriously, I feel that life's so good by practicing this concept :D

Since currently I have no place to tweet about, I'm just gonna tweet such a jleb quotes from my lecturer yesterday in kelas Perekonomian Indonesia. 
"Apabila Anda orang idealis, kadang-kadang Anda harus membayar lebih mahal daripada orang biasa..."

Again, happy 21st birthday, Naila ! and happy 5th birthday, blog ! *dan masih single di umur segini gasp* Semoga di umur ini bisa makin dewasa dalam segala hal, cermat dalam mencari kesempatan, bisa melakukan banyak hal untuk aktualisasi diri, makin getol bersyukur, jadi manusia yang terus berguna, dan bisa berkontribusi dalam keluarga apapun bentuknya, Aamin Ya Allah 0:) *self talk*

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