Friday, July 26, 2013

I missed being a 'writer'

It's been quite a while I haven't write anything well written. For the past few months I have been questioning a lot, one of it was whether should I or should not I be a real 'writer' (someone who writes on his/her blog, in this context).

This morning, after I finished my sahur and subuh prayer, I did a little googling while trying to get back to a morning sleep. Then I stumbled upon a writing of one of my fav journo (the one I consider as an inspiring one, back into my full of dreams highschool years). It was well written and I was astonished. It's been a while I haven't read any good writings with full of sophisticated use of language, high-end-magazine-istic style of writing, and of course, the brave to shout opinions out.

This is what I missed the most about being a writer-an honest writings. The adreline rush caused by their brave to honestly speak about what's inside their mind. Completely disclosed.I salute those writers for their loudness, without any fear of being judged as carelessly cynical, joylessly judmental, completely cocky, poetically pessimistic, and so on. They also have no fear whether those of their rumbling could be a boomerang in their future. My hypothesis regarding this is that, they will stand strong on what they believe and ignore what does not really matters in the end. Or, do they ? will they ?

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