Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nonstop blogging challenge Starts Now !

I am gonna write a lot right now in this blog. Putting aside some ego that I'm just gonna write important things and let unimportant daily things and stories undisclosed. The reason why I started this is because my writing skill has been decreasing a lot, whereas I need it the most. Back to the old cycle again, Me wanting something. Me having a plan. Unfortunately, a good writing skill is a-must requirement. D'oh, not a good timing is not it ? :)
So, instead of abandoning this blog waiting for every worthy story and thinking, why don't I start mumbling again, rite. I'll keep mumbling, in English and there's zero tolerance for any word in bahasa, until I got used to mumble in a good structure, use wide array of beautiful vocabs, probably utilize some thesaurus. It's better than nothing, rite. I'll write probably anything, and pardon if it contains my uninteresting routine lifeAnd I am certain that this would give me some 'okay' feeling, at least I am doing something to pursue my dream. Aamin.

I am now considering what's topic for today. I was about to mumble something, until I reckoned a scene in HIMYM where Kevin told Robin "There are some things that has to be said, but not everyone needs to hear". WINNER, let's just not talk about it then :)

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