Friday, December 6, 2013


We sometimes could curse problems that happens in our life, then act pathetically as if we have the biggest problem in the world. But if we take a deep breath, free our self centered mind for a while, look at people around, we will find out there are tons of people out there having such a bigger problem than us. Who knows, Yuppies standing behind us in the station waiting for the train to come, are actually filing for a divorce. Who knows, a working mama we met on the busway who looks so chic n strong, has some burden related to her office politics. And many more example.

So, while we are still living this life we were longing few years back
While we are still able to enjoy the music on the train that brings us to ourndestination
While we still have the indepemdence to choose ournown life path
While we still have people around that can tolerate, live with, preach us about our quirks and bad habbits
While our parents are still able to pay the cable tv every month, so that we can enjoy marathon of tv series in this friday night

Why should we focus our life to our tiny little problems while there are other huge things in our life we can enjoy and be grateful of ?


Thanks God for the sunny morning, and rainy evening. Today's train ride to home is so tiring so I decided to have a laid back friday night instead of get myself busi-ed with assignments. This body needs some rewards, too.

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