Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Heart-warming Morning, Heavy Rain Outside, HIMYM Revelation

This morning I woke up in my room at around 8.40am with a "D'oh" feeling. I intended to start being productive this tuesday by going to campus and doing the backgound part of my thesis, since the thesis room in my campus library is one of the best place to get some peace and tranquility so I can at least get concentrated. Y' know. sometimes writing things like background part could be such a difficult part for me, ain't that good at it haha. The second best place to get myself fully conentrated is coffee shop, anyway. Last sunday I went with Bonny to sbux coffee citos, each of us were occupied with our thesis, and voila at least I succesfully made the framework of that background part. Happy enough.

Back to this morning, the reason of that "D'oh" feeling is the rain which is pouring down outside. The rain has always been heavy from a couple days ago, it's actually such a blessing that, however, unfortunately, doesn't make it easier for us Jakartans to go to our destination (name it, school, office, campus, gym, traditional market, etc). Some minutes later I was still laying on my bed, looked at the rain through the window, while my mind is thinking randomly about things I got to do today and also this week. What if it's still rain heavily on Sunday, how about TheColorrun race I've already signed up to (I also had taken the race pack), from what online shop should I buy KW-made Spibelt, can I reach campus this week, etc. And no, this morning so far has not interfered my mood in a bad way, it gives me some heart warming feeling instead. It was because after those after-wake-up-contemplating-session, I opened twitter via my phone and there were a couple of tweets from some himym-fanmade-account-I-followed about how great today's episode is.

Himym originally airs on the USA every monday evening 8pm east coast time, which means it airs every tuesday morning Indonesia's time. I knew from some himym news from days ago that in this "Unpause" episode we're gonna find out the names of Ted's kids. I usually always sneak into some spoilers and screen captures that fans quickly made after an episode has been aired. But this morning, while reading this tweet, I kinda challenge myself not to open one. This is quite a big revelation actually, so I want to feel how it feels to watch himym without reading any spoilers before as I always did.

So, after that I got up from my bed. I plan to take a bath, opened my laptop and be productive by doing my thesis, and of course download the episode afterwards. I managed not to open any spoilers. However I tried to read some tweets but it only gave me "omg no spoilers please" feeling haha. Unfortunately, when I checked into the torrent website, there's still no new episodes available. So here I'm instead, writing about how pretty this morning is, as since the beginning I already have the mood for journalizing about this morning is.
So, anyway, I also realize this is the first post I write in 2014.
Cacth ya later ! Hopefully the new episode is already on kickass.torrent, hopefully in the next few days the rain will be friendlier so I can go to campus, hopefully there will be no rain on Sunday's colorrun. Aamen to that !

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