Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy 6th Bday Blog !

Which means, also happy birthday me ! Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for every blessings, happiness, sadness, sweetness, bitterness, challenges, passions, thank You for everything that I probably haven't realized yet :')

Being 21 was awesome for me. I spent being 21 almost on 2013 which was an uneasy year for me. But still, I could say that I enjoy it. I managed to let myself try new experience, and new way of life also.
- I experienced having my first job and earned my monthly income
- I treated my family
- I faced one of the most difficult thing I've experienced so far
- I learned a lot
- I learned to let go a bit of my ego
- I learned to naturally bond myself more with two other important aspects in life beside me, myself, my dream, my task, and I : family and bestfriends
- I learned to be independent and how to live independently. I realized that enjoy my solitude. Sometimes it isn't easy to live my life that way, but somehow and sometimes, I feel happy from this experience
- I regain some new and almost lost dreams. I tried to translate these dreams into goals, these goals into plans. Aaamiin Ya Allah

I hope, in this 22-year-old, ...... Aamin Ya Allah (I keep the hopes and wishes for myself).

Anyway, it took 2 years to make some silly old hopes come true. Something old is something old. But it's succesfull enough to put a simple smile from a face. Na'ah, I don't consider this as something serious, haha. But, I respect it. Thank you.

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