Tuesday, September 2, 2014


There was a time, when being an UI student was my biggest dream. There was time when I prayed so hard, studied so passionately hard. When I foolishly became a proud ambitious go getter highschool student who didn't give a shit about highschool legendary stuff anymore. I had no urat malu back then by proclaiming this goal, here and there.  Followed by a time, when getting accepted as an accounting major, Faculty of Economics UI student was my biggest accomplishment, and that for some quite moment of euphoria I let my inner bitchiness out, call it as overjoyed. Then, it was 4 years of roller coaster-y journey. I can say that these 4 years are best years of my life so far. I always humbly feel fortunate enough to feel the passion towards almost of the classes I took. I never imagined that studying up until late night for tomorrow's exam could bring enjoyment beside anxiety and pressure at the same time. I never imagined that I could love the materials I learned at class. Yea, geekiness at its utmost level I must say. However, there must be things that I doubt. Ain't that sure that I have achieved everything I wished to attain, ain't that sure that I had utilized all of my potential, ain't fully sure that I've developed as much as I need myself to, ain't even sure that every path I took had led me to every best possible way. But one thing that I am sure of : from the first moment I stepped my feet in FEUI, the first moment I wore my yellow jacket in balairung singing for senior's graduation ceremony, to the every usual days which weren't my lucky days, until the day I finally wore my toga in my batch's graduation ceremony last friday... the feelings has never changed. This place, this university, this taman makara, this balairung, this choir from new students, has never been failed to ignite me. Merinding, terharu, dan bangga.

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah

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